Health Care Grade Fixture Whips

Health care was one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy prior to the current worldwide Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Now, it is in extremely high demand as more and more people test positive for the virus every day. Hospitals are struggling to keep up with the pandemic. To prepare and accommodate the anticipated coronavirus surge, existing buildings (ex: dormitories, former nursing homes, entertainment venues, sports arenas, vacant hospitals not in use, hotels, etc.)  are being retrofitted and transformed into makeshift health care facilities.

To support this demand, Engineered Products Company (EPCO) remains an essential business to provide products to facilitate these developing plans. There are many types of luminaires designed for use in health care facilities. And we can agree that all luminaire types must provide effective illumination and satisfy a number of demanding lighting and environmental requirements. But the most common thread among all of these luminaires is the need for fixture whips to simplify and expedite installation. Within the Fixture Whip category, we offer Health Care Grade Fixture Whips designed specifically for use in health care facilities per the 2020 National Electrical Code (NEC), Article 517. 

How Do We Define EPCO Fixture Whips for Health Care Facilities?

12 AWG: The basic National Electrical Code standard used for wiring health care facilities.

20 Amps: The standard circuit size in 100% of the health care facilities in the United States.

The “screw-in” type lock-nut connector is the preferred and primary connector in all health care facilities.

UL Certified for use with all LED lighting system applications, EPCO’s fixture whips are available in multiple configurations and are divided into two (2) categories: Standard and Illumination Control.

Standard Health Care Fixture Whip

Our Standard Health Care Fixture Whip is intended to connect the line voltage conductors of an LED Luminaire’s Driver (or ballast) to the incoming power conductors within an electrical junction box for new or retrofit construction.

Illumination Control Fixture Whip

These specialty whips are an energy management solution that reduces energy consumption while optimizing facility lighting. They operate at 120 or 277 VAC and integrate easily with digital lighting controls for dimming and switching in new or retrofit construction. They also meet all UL and NEC standards for powering lighting systems and class 2 or class 3 lighting control circuits within the same whip.

EPCO is here for You! We have economies of scale, efficient manufacturing processes, and have added capacity for this fast-growing product line. 

Let's continue to support each other and come together to help during this crisis. We're in this Together!